Sunday, 21 May 2017

Brandis intervened in Adani Native Title court case (videos)

Brandis has interfered politically in the court case against Adani by traditional owners of the land they want to mine. Outrageous. 

This from the email:

Without this ‘land deal’ being registered, Adani can’t move ahead. And right now, they have nowhere to go without the assistance of the Federal Parliament.

 We have a knockout punch, but Brandis and the Federal Government are doing everything they can to stop us from throwing it.

 The good news is, we are now underway with legal proceedings, and Adani and the Queensland Government are in our sights.

 At the very least they will be tied up for many months in litigation and will not have an ILUA to proceed with.

And we can win this. Adani did not negotiate and achieve our free, prior and informed consent. And we have four strong legal grounds against Adani’s pretend ILUA.

 As the law stands, Adani do not have a document that could even be considered legal. This is why the Turnbull government has been in hyperdrive trying to push the ‘Adani amendments’ through the Senate.

 But now, in an act of extraordinary political interference, Brandis has reached into the court to intervene in our case and delay the proceeding.

 This puts beyond doubt that Brandis and the Turnbull Government, backed all the way by Queensland’s Palaczszuk Government, are working in billionaire Adani’s interests. Again, they are making Native Title - and Traditional Owners rights - all about Adani’s coal mine.

 They are unrelenting in their support for the Carmichael project. But so are we in our determination to defend our country and safeguard the future from this mine of mass destruction.

 We will not surrender. No means no, Adani.

 Stand with us as we fight these corrupting and destructive influences, and protect our ancestral lands and waters.
More here:
Youth spokesperson for the W&J Traditional Owners Council, Ms Murrawah Johnson, said, “Adani didn’t negotiate and achieve the free prior informed consent of the W&J people. The meeting, which Adani and its barrackers claim achieved consent, with a 294 to 1 vote, is as fake as its ILUA. It is not a true expression of the W&J Traditional Owners.

 “Over 220 of the attendees at Adani’s meeting are people who have never been involved in the W&J claim or decision making, and who are identified with other nations and claims, or didn’t identify an apical descent line.

 “Many people were bussed in and paid for at Adani’s considerable expense. The majority of the claim group, which have three times rejected an ILUA with Adani, refused to participate in this stitch up of a meeting. They stayed away.” she said. Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owners Council