Saturday, 20 May 2017

Aussie denied entry to US & jailed overnight because her diary notes (video)

The latest Aussie victim of the US paranoia over foreigners has come to the fore this week. Molly Hill was going for a 90 day trip to the US to see her boyfriend there, the 90 days being such a while that she had to quite her job in Australia to do so. She had a return ticket to Australia bought and paid for at the end of this period.

However, it appears on the strength of calendar diary entries where she wrote about leaving her job, the US border maniacs interrogated her for hours and denied her entry. Eventually locking her up in a prison overnight where she was mixed in with the regular prisoners complete with prison clothes, and unceremoniously sent back to Australia the following day. 

She wasn't even allowed a phone call to call her boyfriend, who had been waiting all day at the airport without a clue what was going on. He eventually found out not from any US authority, but via a message sent by the Australian Consulate to her mother in Australia that Molly had been detained. Her mother then rang the boyfriend at the airport from Australia to tell him what had happened.

WTF is going on over there in the US? With "friends" like this who needs enemies?