Friday, 19 May 2017

Chechnya accused of gay genocide in ICC

Some may consider my use of the word genocide in respect to what Chechnya is doing to gays over the top. But in fact I'm not the only one to use such language.

The International Criminal Court has received a complaint from 3 French gays rights groups accusing Chechnya of just that.

The absurd assertion by Chechnya's leader saying there's no gays in Chechnya is about as brain dead lying as him saying that they're not being persecuted. Wherever you will find humanity you will find gays. We're a natural part of humanity.

Why this idiot leader has decided to commit genocide against our LGBT community is beyond me. Perhaps he's brainwashed with religious hatred, or perhaps he's simply projecting his inner hatred of his own gay self. Or perhaps it's simply about demonising a minority for political gain.....

Whatever the reason, he's committing genocide against my LGBT brothers and sisters.

Chechnya has been accused of carrying out a genocide against gay people in a complaint filed at the International Criminal Court.

 Three French gay rights groups blamed the Russian republic's leader Ramzan Kadyrov and state officials for a "wave of persecution".

 Stop Homophobie, Mousse and Comite Idaho France urged the ICC to investigate the persecution of gay men, citing the case of a teenager reportedly thrown out of a ninth-floor window after his uncle discovered he was gay.

 Etienne Deshoulieres, a lawyer representing the three gay rights groups, called Mr Kadyrov “the architect” of a “genocide”.

 He said the Chechen leader was "the organiser of torture camps with the desire to exterminate homosexuals". The Independant