Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Russian cops arrest gay protesters of Chechnyan anti-gay violence (pics)

Startling images of Russian cops arresting gay protestors in St Petersburg, who were protesting to raise awareness of the attacks on gay men in Chechnya and their incarceration in anti-gay concentration camps.

They had lay on the road wrapped in rainbow flags and smeared themselves in fake blood. They were arrested by riot police FFS. 

No doubt the rainbow flags and the protest itself would have been deemed gay "propaganda" under Russia's anti-gay laws.

Russian police have detained LGBT activists attempting to raise awareness about the persecution of gay men in Chechnya.

 The demonstration was held during a May Day march in St Petersburg, with a group of around 10 protesters arrested near the Anichkov Bridge in the centre of Russia’s second city.

 Images shared on Twitter showed activists lying on the road pretending to be dead, with fake blood smeared across their faces and covered with rainbow and Chechen flags.

 Officers in riot gear were shown arresting protesters and dragging them to a police van. Independent