Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Telstra to refund NBN clients over slow speeds - NBN lemon files :s

The chooks are coming home to roost before the NBN is even rolled out across all of Australia. The Lieberal butchering of a once grandiose infrastructure build for all Australians is now failing, with people paying their ISP's to upgrade to higher speeds that the National Broadband Network can't handle on their premises. 

Telstra is the first ISP to say they will refund said customers for their upgrade that the NBN wasn't able to deliver, and put them on a slower cheaper plan according to the speeds they're actually getting that is as much as the NBN can provide to their premises.

What a fuckin lemon of an NBN. What national tragedy. The biggest infrastructure project in the history of modern Australia, and all it took was an Abbott/Turnbull gov to destroy the thing in a relatively short period of time. How much is this going to cost to fix over the next 20 years or so? It's just fucked.

BTW, it's been quite an effort here to post this very post ironically. We're still on ADSL2+ here in eastern Sydney which is progressively getting worse and worse as more and more is demanded of the system here. It regularly just drops out; I mean it won't load anything despite the PC saying it's connected. 

Been going good all day but just as I try and post here (typical) the drama starts. I've had to save the HTML twice into a Word document and shut down the PC. Second time I did the modem as well. Apparently doing that resets the connection or something, I dunno. FFS, this is 2017. When is this gov going to finally succeed in dragging itself into this century?

Telstra has become the first retail service provider to offer financial compensation to thousands of angry NBN customers who have received substandard internet speeds.

 The telecommunications company admitted that one per cent of its NBN customers – about 7900 people – had been promised speeds that were unattainable, blaming the varied NBN technologies for the inconsistent speeds across the network.

 In a blog post, Telstra Retail group executive Kevin Russell said it was “critical” that customers did not pay for speeds any higher than what their home or business was able to receive.

 “The vast majority of customers are seeing the performance we expect. However, we identified a subset of customers on fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) who have taken up a ‘speed boost’ who are not receiving the higher speeds we expect,” he wrote.

 “We’re in the process of proactively contacting those customers to move them to a speed tier their NBN service supports.

 “In any cases where we believe that customers may have paid for a ‘speed boost’ they haven’t benefited from, we’ll be reimbursing … any ‘speed boost’ charges they have incurred.” The New Daily