Sunday, 21 May 2017

The white collars caught ripping off gov $165m - arrests and jail (video)

This is extraordinary. One of the biggest scams in Australia's modern history.

I've been seeing bits and pieces about it online but until now haven't had the interest to look into it. But OMG when you watch this video if you're like me you'll feel a bit dumbstruck. 

I'm reminded in my mind at this point of the robodept fiasco where us poor and sick were targeted by a flawed gov computer program that was strong arming us to pay back unproven debts to Centrelink. You can't get blood out of a stone. Indeed there was at least one young life lost to suicide over an alleged $18,000 debt. 

The thing is, if you're targeting welfare recipients for money you're talking about chook feed. Honestly, there's just no meaningful money in it for the gov bottom line. In essence the gov is using us as a cheap target for political gain, demonising us as bludging welfare cheats. Truth is it's extremely hard to rip off Centrelink as there's so many hoops to jump through it's just about impossible I'd say. The statistics reflect that with the number of Centrelink clients charged with fraud being very low. They'll catch you in the end so why would anyone bother?

Yet we get robodebt, newspaper headlines of us being a burden to society, and now the latest they want to drug test people before they receive a cent from Centrelink.  

This story gives a great insight to what's really going on.....  At least none of them have suicided......