Thursday, 4 May 2017

"Transgendered and Communist by 20yrs old" - kill the gays pastor Swanson on education

Yes folks, he's baaaack.... The kill the gays Pastor Swanson in the US of cow scat infamy (he stated he would wear sackcloth and ashes and smear cow shit all over him outside the church if his son got married to a man). Cow shit is terrible stuff BTW; I fell into it on the farm in New Zealand and it was all on my arm, soaking slowly in to my knitted jumper. Ugh, I was reduced to just sitting there crying, whilst my younger brother went and got mum to aid me in my horror. She was pretty pissed off at the inconvenience, but I was never tough enough for Taranaki farming land.

So on this occasion cow scat pastor says on air that the education system of the US wants to make all the kids transgendered and Communist by the time they're 20 years old. How you "make someone a Communist",  let alone transgendered, is of course the stuff of bible bashing fantasies. I think maybe he's losing the plot. But he keeps popping up now and then with something even more outrageously stupid.

If there actually is life after death and some blissful place that may resemble the fairy tales of heaven, I doubt that the kill the gays pastor would get anywhere near it if the christian religion has anything to do with it. He continueally amazes me just how much he's capable of hating us LGBT.

Then again, I'm waiting for the day he may get caught with his dick up to his balls in a rent boy. He doth protest too much.....