Thursday, 25 May 2017

Australian political fallout after Taiwan introduces marriage equality

Bitter rich white middle aged angry catholic homophobe Abetz
Thank you Taiwan for destroying the dumbest argument against marriage equality, expressed by one of our dumbest and bigoted bitter white middle aged catholic men politicians in Canberra. 

The ever unfailing Lieberal homophobe Eric Abetz has said that as Australia is part of Asia, and as Asia doesn't want gay marriage, then we should be part of Asia and not get gay marriage.

Well Taiwan just got gay marriage .......
What's more, the court added that the "creation of a permanent union of intimate and exclusive nature for the committed purpose of managing a life together by two persons of the same sex will not affect the application of the Marriage Chapter to the union of two persons of the opposite sex" – almost as though the extension of civil rights to same-sex couples will have zero effect on opposite sex couples. Why, can you even imagine?

 And this is going to cause sorrow in some marriage equality opponents, especially its parliamentary poster boy: Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz.

 See, he has been especially relying on our regional neighbours holding firm on traditional marriage – especially since those seditious New Zealanders got all reasonable about civil rights and personal freedom in 2013.

 Back in July 2015 he articulated one of the most creatively silly arguments against gay marriage: to wit, that no Asian countries had made it legal, and thus we couldn't consider such a thing here. You know, since Australia is part of Asia.

 "The Labor Party and other journalists tell us time and time again that we are living in the Asian century, tell me how many Asian countries have redefined marriage?" the plucky senator opined on ABC radio. "Are we in the Asian century or not? It's amazing how certain people try to pick and choose in relation to debates."

 Speaking of picking and choosing, Eric's otherwise been very clear about how Australia is a nation of Judeo-Christian values, so it might seem a smidgen opportunistic to have decided that in this particular example he'd suddenly embrace convenient regional prejudices rather than, say, the examples of all the other English-speaking nations of his beloved Judeo-Christian tradition. Sydney Morning Herald