Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Trump's Watergate? - Comey's "smoking gun" (videos).......

Emperor with no clothes 

My fellow Australians..... 

We have a Leaker of the free world who's not all there. His mental state is obviously at odds with anything called sanity. He's not capable of the high office he's been given.

Pretty much like our Tone's. But much worse. He's got access to nuclear weapons.

Our US brothers have recognised this. The Resistance in the US is growing, and now even main stream media over there are openly mocking the president and wanting him to go. 

To my fellow brothers in the US,

All I can say to that is the western world gives them all our support in that. 

We got rid of our stupid Abbott PM in 2 years over nothing but disastrous polling, and it was done by the the ruling gov itself which elected a new leader from their own party.

Australians call on the US Republicans to do the same. Elect a new president from your own party; one that can cope with the job. Are you men or mouse? 

Honestly, we poofs have more backbone than you (that'll get the Republicans going?).