Sunday, 21 May 2017

Japanese killed 333 whales this yr sth Ocean - Sea Shepherd only ones there to stop (video)

Dead whale on Japanese whaling ship this season, from video shot by Sea Shepherd helicopter
This video a summary of the Sea Shepherds efforts this year in the Southern Ocean off Australia's south, which is a breeding ground for whales. They migrate every year to those waters, passing along Australia's eastern coast and even attracting whale watching tourism, where people are taken out on boats to see them coming up.

Unfortunately, thanks to the Japanese whalers, who for some strange and bizarre reason appear to think it's their cultural right to come and slaughter these whales off our southern coastline. This year they killed over 300.

The other year the international community deemed it illegal for Japan to do this. We considered this a big victory against the killing. They had been using the "scientific research" defence in saying that that was why they were killing them. What bullshit! This has been going on for decades, I remember growing up in New Zealand and as a child thinking how absurd it was for Japan to give such a lame reason for slaughtering them.

So when that "scientific research" became illegal, Japan simply implemented another "scientific research" program slightly different than before, and today that is what they're using to kill whales off our coast for their Japanese dining tables. 

The Australian gov refuses to do anything for fear of offending Japanese delicate sensibilities, being our so called allies. The only people standing between the whaling ships and the whales is the Sea Shepherd.