Saturday, 27 May 2017

QLD gov turns on Adani - refuses to give $1billion NAIF loan (video)

An email has just arrived from GetUp saying that the Queensland gov now refuses to hand over the $1 billion loan to Adani.

From the email:

The Queensland Government will not hand the $1 billion NAIF loan to Adani.

 In stunning breaking news, Premier Palaszczuk just announced the Queensland Government will refuse to give the money to Adani.

 For the loan to go ahead, it has to go via the Queensland Government. Now that Queensland Labor have refused to act as go-between on this dirty deal, Turnbull's craven billion-dollar payoff to Adani has been left stranded.

 It's a massive body blow to Adani, who are now desperately trying to extort handouts from governments as the financial sector abandons them.