Sunday, 30 April 2017

I'm 55 today

Me as a toddler in the backyard on the farm house. I'm pushing a toy lawnmower.

Yes folks, I've made it through another year, clocking up now 55 years on planet earth.

Things have certainly changed in that time. Growing up in New Zealand in the 60's and 70's todays world would have been thought of as science fiction. TV was black and white until the mid 70's, and there was only one TV channel in NZ back then owned by the gov. It started at about 1pm and ended at about 11pm I think. No mobile phones of course, the phone was in the hallway. Internet was in the distant future. No computers. When you went to the bank the teller wrote in your bank book the transaction and signed it. No ATM's. And of course gays didn't exist. A completely different world than today.

You couldn't communicate across the world in seconds like today. It still sometimes blows my mind that, as NZ was so isolated back then. The US, even Australia were on some far off shores beyond any easy reach. 

So in honour of being around for so long, I've scanned a couple of pics from those early days of my life in New Zealand. 

Dad's first car, before I was born.

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