Saturday, 8 April 2017

LGBT still feel unsafe at times holding hands in public - video

Australian Darren Hayes of Savage Garden is married to his partner and living in the US. Yet he still feels unsafe holding hands with him in public.

Here an Australian show discusses the issue. Unfortunately the show seems to have all straight people with very little idea of what LGBT people often go through with just the mere act of holding hands in a straight environment. 

It's of course not a problem in safe gay spaces such as Oxford St in Sydney and gay venues, but to walk around the local shopping mall would perhaps engender real fear. 

I don't agree with one of the hosts putting it on Darren Hayes as his responsibility to address that. Why should it be up to the LGBT alone do brave up and do that? We have a gov opposed to marriage equality perpetuating the notion that we're so weird we don't deserve even that basic human right. What are we to expect in opening ourselves up to stares and the possibility of hatred in that environment?

This is the gov's responsibility to vote for our equality. That would go a long way in us being accepted in holding hands in such situations; that we're just people like everyone else.

I have to note the violence suffered by LGBT people in Sydney too. David's first partner Wayne Tonks was infamously murdered in a hate crime by his own school students. Many gays have been abused on the street over the years, and gay bashing has been a sport for young western suburb thugs who've traveled in from the west just for that purpose. Surely it's up to gov to address these issues, not the victims of hate.

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