Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Thug bouncer complaint against pub finally resolved

At long last the issue of the homophobic thug bouncer at The Oxford hotel has been bought to a satisfactory conclusion. Thanks mainly to the efforts of the anti-discrimination board being the middle negotiators in it all.

We have received what we wanted right from the outset, that being a groveling apology from the pub. Management has apologised for the whole way they handled the situation, saying they did receive the first email but got too busy with other things. I had previously said that David and I never expected the complaint to get so far along in the process as it did. The pub not even replying at all didn't help. 

Interestingly, previously the pub had simply said that the bouncer was no longer working there. Now they say they fired him because he wasn't the sort of person they wanted representing the pub. The security company says he left them of his own accord, but my guess is that he was fired from there too after the pub got rid of him. I suspect our complaint may have had a bit to do with that. I imagine it wouldn't be at all pleasant having the anti-discrimination board breathing down your neck.

Although it's resolved there remains the issue of what in our opinion is over policing on Oxford St. Perhaps I may write again to Alex Greenwich about these concerns now that it's all over. Under present law there remains the opportunity for a bouncer thug to have innocent people demonised on the whole st and unable to get in to any venue on a night, and even permanently banned from venues run by the same security company. 

What happened that night after the altercation the bouncer took David's photo and sent it to all bouncers at all venues on Oxford St, so we couldn't get in anywhere after that for that night. This is all currently legal under present law. The bouncer then went on to have David permanently barred from three other venues that all had the same security company. Vindictive and just plain nasty, and another thing we had to sort out with management at the other venues.

So anyway to sum up, the whole experience has been very enlightening for both of us.

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