Saturday, 29 April 2017

Cat report - heater cats, birdwatching kittens, cat love :)

The kittens Cloe and Casper are growing up fast. Here they are together brother and sister birdwatching. There was a bird on the washing line looking straight back at them.

Zac has been kept extremely busy with the kittens. He's not even had time to over groom himself anymore and so all his fur has grown back. I think Natasha the old girl has missed him a bit in all this, but we bought out the winter heater the other day for the first time this year and they were back together in front of their beloved heater. Natasha bought him up and he'll always be her boy. Natasha is 15 and Zac about two and a half.

Zac has his little girl Cloe new. Here they are sunning themselves in the cat box in the afternoon. Not long after this Zac was holding her down to wash her.

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