Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Cashless welfare card add produced & distributed by card's creator :s

Good grief. How dumb do they think we are. The Indue cashless welfare card has a new add. However the organisation that put the add out has the creator of the card running it Andrew Forrest, and  it doesn't say so.

What's more, like the gov, it uses only positive stats and anecdotal evidence from the interim report released the other month. Of course now people are crying foul.

I dread to think if they demanded I go on to some stupid card like that. How the fuck would the rent get paid? Not to mention lack of choice and control over my life.

The mining magnate Andrew Forrest has been accused of lacking transparency after his philanthropic organisation, the Minderoo Foundation, launched an ad promoting the cashless welfare card that didn’t disclose his role as its chairman.

 Forrest is the architect of the card, and made it a key recommendation in a review he led for the federal government on Indigenous employment. Since the card was adopted by the government and rolled out in trial communities in Western Australia and South Australia, Forrest has been advocating its wider implementation.

The video advertisement is voiced by Aboriginal elder Ian Trust, who founded Aboriginal development organisation the Wunan Foundation in the East Kimberley. It uses animation to highlight the card’s success, and promotes data from the one-year evaluation of the card’s trial published in October.

 The ad says the card has led to a reduction in alcohol-related violence, but does not mention other findings from the report, including that 49% of those on the card said it had made their life worse. The ad states that children are “going to school more”, but does not provide the source of this data. The Guardian

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