Monday, 3 April 2017

Saw the kidney specialist today - average news

😐 Sort of not good but not bad news today from the kidney professor specialist I'm seeing for the recent flare up in my kidneys.

The creatinine levels (what the kidneys take out of the blood) are still up and at the same level as the last blood test I had. I was hoping they'd have come down a bit, but not so. However the count isn't majorly bad at 145. Certainly not life threatening but never the less something that has to be kept an eye on. 

*Sigh* such is life with chronic kidney failure. The plus of that is that the results haven't gotten worse but remained I guess stable at that level. I'm looking at it as a glass half full thing. It appears the kidney scare is over for now.

Have to go see the specialist again in four months for another blood test and monitoring of the kidney functions. He's given me the blood test form to get done a week before I see him again.

The best news is that the ultrasound was all good and showed nothing wrong as far as that goes. Quite a thing now with technology. They put it all online instead of making a hard copy film thing of it. He just looked up all the results on the computer before calling me in.

One thing I didn't know was how important normal blood pressure is for the kidneys. I've had quite a few problems with that over the years of late, must be hereditary. It's taken some very targeted specific pills to bring it under control. As the kidneys are a filter, high blood pressure can damage the kidney filters. My blood pressure was a bit up today but nothing of crisis levels. 😎

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