Thursday, 13 April 2017

Today is national get a VPN day - metadata collection begins

*Update: Gov ;ies about metadata - Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

From today Australian's metadata is being compulsorily collected by providers, to be stored for two years and handed over to the gov. So if you haven't got a VPN yet, now is the time. Digital Rights Watch has declared today National Get A VPN Day.
From 13 April 2017, all Australian telecommunication providers are required to collect your metadata and provide it to your Government. Many interactions we have in the digital world are being collected and stored by our communications providers, all without adequate safeguards. This program requires no warrants, has very little oversight and has received condemnation from human rights experts worldwide.

 That’s why we’re declared this Thursday as a national day of action – we’re calling upon Australian citizens to educate themselves about the scale of this surveillance and take precautions accordingly. If the government wants to surveil its citizens, then we’ll do everything in our power to equip people to circumvent that surveillance.

 We declare Thursday 13 April to be National Get A VPN Day.

 It’s time to protect yourself. It’s time to get a VPN. Digital Rights Watch
It's actually very easy and I got one for free. I recently installed the Opera Browser as my other one died and I wasn't happy at all with Firefox. So I tried Opera, and guess what, it comes with a free VPN already installed as part of the browser. All You have to do in enable it, and you can turn it on or off straight from the browser.

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