Monday, 24 April 2017

End the US alliance - IPAN

Have never heard of IPAN (Independent Peaceful Australia Network), but this statement of theirs has been signed by some very influential people so far.

People in Australia are sick to death of gov's from both major parties here just following the US without question. 

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) is campaigning to keep Australia out of wars being waged by the United States of America and says that the military alliance must be put to an end.

 Military alliance with the United States has “involved that complicity of successive Australian governments in US global military agendas, [and] undermines Australia’ peace, security and sovereignty,” a new IPAN statement says.

 The statement is now being circulated and has already been signed by John Pilger (journalist, author and film maker); David Bradbury (Australian documentary film maker); Julian Burnside AO (Barrister); Greg Barns (Past President, Australian Lawyers Alliance); Professor Peter Norden, AO, RMIT University Melbourne; Jeannie Rea (National President, National Tertiary Education Union); Trevor Monti QC; Colin Long (Secretary, NTEU Vic Branch); Prof. Richard Tanter; Robert Stary (Criminal Defence Lawyer); Geoff Hogg (artist); Medical Association for Prevention of War, Maritime Union of Australia, amongst many others. The Pen


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