Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sausage-gate! Trumbles refuses sausage sandwich from volunteer! (video)

Just in case there were lingering doubts as to how out of touch and aloof Turnbull is, when visiting flood stricken Lismore yesterday he was offered a sausage sandwich by a volunteer from the Country Womens Association.

Incredibly he turned it down! What, was he missing his solid silver cutlery or something? Too below him to eat with the rest of us? What an insult!

In a moment that will leave political strategists scratching their heads for decades, Turnbull was stumping for reporters when he found himself face to face with an elderly volunteer from the Country Women’s Association. The very friendly local offered the PM a hot snag fresh from the barbie.

Honestly, it’s hard to think of an image that better captures the generosity and lack of pretension that Australian’s pride themselves on. It was literally the perfect photo opp.

 And somehow, Turnbull messed it up. Junkee

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