Sunday, 2 April 2017

Trump voters supporting Obamacare/ACA - Kentucky USA

A sobering story from the only western nation without universal healthcare for all. Specifically telling of a couple in south eastern Kentucky who previously had no health insurance until Obamacare came along and changed all of that.

The husband has black lung disease from working in the coal industry and needs $6,000 worth of medication every month to stay alive/breath. The wife has diabetes, a condition as we all know needs constant monitoring. Without Obamacare they would lose their insurance, of which the husband describes being a death sentence for him.

For me in Australia it was so sad and terribly shocking seeing this story. My 13 pills a day (including the three HIV ones) I have no idea in the world what they'd be worth at full price. However because this is Australia and I'm in the unfortunate position of having to live off the disability support pension, prescriptions are currently $6.20c each script, no matter what the quantity of that script is. After 60 prescriptions have been filled in a calendar year after that they're free. Because David and I are a couple that includes his prescriptions as well. We're already up to 24 prescriptions and it's only the beginning of April :s

In fact it gets even better. The HIV pills are now free in New South Wales as the state gov has stepped in to pay the $6.20 as well. This all part of the effort to make HIV treatment very accessible to end the disease.

I really feel for the people in this video. It beggars belief that their so called representatives in Washington could be so heartless and cruel to those that voted for them. All the time claiming some christian imperative in doing so.