Saturday, 8 April 2017

Trump's base disgusted at Syria bombing - viral video

This is a video on the Syrian bombing from an ardent Trump supporter Angelo John Gage, who is a Marine veteran. A white nationalist, he has been leader of the National Youth Front. I don't think it gets anymore Trump than that.

However he's extremely angry with Trump. In the election campaign Trump promised he says to stay out of the middle east and put American needs first. Now that Trump has bombed Syria and involved his administration in it's civil war, he says that Trump has lied to his face.

What's more he goes through the assumption that Assad gassed his own people and how it makes no sense that he would do that. Assad after all was winning against the rebels and on the verge of peace talks. Why on earth would he enrage the world by carrying out a gas attack on his own people?

The more logical and believable scenario is that the rebels themselves carried out the gas attack and blamed Assad for it. The US bombing has already enabled the rebels to launch attacks that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

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