Saturday, 1 April 2017

Gay couple 50yrs together & still can't marry - Australia (video)

I'm so fed up with this in Australia. Because of a few bitter middle aged white Catholic men on the gov bank benches in Canberra it's still illegal for us to marry. This video is of a couple here who've been together for 50 years and had hoped to marry on this anniversary to celebrate it. 

They couldn't. One of them is fighting cancer and has pretty much given up that they'll be able to marry before he dies. Fuckin disgusting. The gov doesn't seem to give the slightest fuck of the pain they're causing in the LGBT community.

Had an emotional time last night with David. We've been together for nearly 5 years now and want to express our love with marriage, but we can't. Sick of waiting for the politicians to stop playing politics with our lives. I was crying. 

We've sort of half decided to go across the Tasman and be married in New Zealand. It's only a two and a half to three hour flight (depends on head winds or not) and return flights aren't an arm and a leg. We'd just go for a weekend and do it. Foreign gay marriages are also recognised upon our return in New South Wales. Still considering it all. Would rather marry here but honestly it's just upsetting all this strung out waiting.

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