Friday, 14 April 2017

Tribute to Fred Dagg/John Clarke (video)

Us New Zealanders are mourning the loss of one of our national icon, Fred Dagg. Otherwise known here in Australia as the late John Clarke. 

Fred will never be forgotten in NZ. Those of us who were privileged enough to grow up in the 1970's and witness his Fred Dagginess on our one TV channel will always appreciate his NZ dry and intelligent humour.

Below I've posted the famous gumboot song, very close to the hearts of any Kiwi that grew up on a farm over there. We didn't wear shoes in the paddocks, we wore gumboots as standard wear. Anything else was unthinkable, It always rained in NZ and it was always grossly muddy. I so relate to this song, and my older brother (not named Trevor BTW but Kevin) had the most stinkiest feet I've ever smelt in my life after he took the gumboots off at the door and went in to watch telly. Even dad told him a number of times to go wash his bloody feet!

After that video I've posted another from the Fred Dagg archives in the early 1970's, about a 20 minute show put on national telly in NZ. Yes folks, Fred Dagg was extremely famous in NZ. My most favourite bit of that video  is when he goes in to town :)

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