Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Old couple argue for the right to die with dignity - Q&A video

There's 80% support for dying with dignity in Australia, to be able to chose to end your life in a dignified way instead of going through pain and indignity beyond your capacity to cope with.

I'd say people support this for much the same reasons as I do. My late wife went through terrible suffering for months before she finally passed away in my morning visit. At one point she was on 60 pills a day as doctors persisted with trying to keep her alive. All it did was prolong her agony and humiliation at being in such a terrible state. She couldn't walk or stand, had lost most her hair, control of her bowels, her dignity, and wanted to die months before she did.

Those last months still haunt my daughter and I to this day. Her death became a long drawn out horrible episode of suffering and grief. When she finally passed away next to me it was overwhelming relief that her and our nightmare was finally over.

Surely we can do better than that.

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