Saturday, 1 October 2016

Gays fault unrest after police shooting US - christian preacher

Flip Benham flips out at the LGBT
More love from the christians.......

Yes folks, there is evidently no limit of blame that can't be leveled at the LGBT. In a public meeting about the unrest after a police shooting of someone in some place over there in the US, some nut preacher guy went mental at the meeting blaming said unrest on the LGBT. 

I dunno or care who Flip Benham is, other than this nutty video. Apparently he flips out at us.

You see there was an LGBT bill that went through and now god is pouring his wrath all over the place, in the form of public unrest after the police shooting. The preacher man goes full on preacher man at this public meeting. Imagine if that was a Muslim getting up and saying the exact same thing? There'd have been no audience cheers then.

I imagine the LGBT have entirely nothing to do with the situation. But don't mind that; it's our fault for being us you know....... How dare we challenge god by being who we are so god can wrath upon places.....