Sunday, 2 October 2016

Julie Bishop says Labor's fault crash in plebiscite support :s

Oh FFS......... I guess this is the new Lieberal line, that us mere mortals in the public have been blindly lead astray by the evil Labor opposition on the plebiscite for marriage equality. Mind boggling.

Never mind that the LGBT community has been dead against it from the beginning, or that the public simply wants the politicians to do the job they're paid to do, or that nobody wants to waste their time waiting for half an hour in a line at the polling booth for a $500million meaningless non-binding poll, or in fact that many feel it's quite wrong for a part of the Australian community to have to ask permission from everyone in the country for the basic  human right of marriage. Nope, according to the Lieberals now the opposition to the plebiscite is all Labor's fault.

Well at least the gays didn't get blamed this time.

Of course the polls are down for the gov. Everyone is getting sick to death of telling the gov to do it's work. You know, vote on things and make them law. Just have a fuckin free vote. Why is that so fuckin hard? *sheesh* It's like pulling teeth.

*bangs head against wall*