Friday, 7 October 2016

"We have had enough!" - the angry left, Keith Olbermann, US (video)

I lost track of this guy years ago, but he's popped up now with Trump and the election thing. In this video he's sort of a cross between "I've had enough and I'm not going to take it anymore" and Angry Aussie. Certainly he's a leftie as angry as I am :)

I think I feel much the same about the stupid Lieberal gov we have here presently in Australia. A bunch of ignorant self absorbed career politicians who've grown up in privilege and have no idea of reality. Who think they can lord and dictate over us like serfs of old. Who see their political positions not as public servants but badges of honour for their own ego's.

I'm angry too, had enough too. Of being demonised because I'm unwell and can't work anymore, told in headline news I'm a "burden", my minority having to try and pull politicians into the 21st century just so I can marry David, angry at corporations paying no tax with a gov that wants me to pay for a blood test, angry that poverty is increasing in Australia after over 20 straight years of growth, angry at the spoilt brat elites who think they can treat us badly and born to rule, angry at how such unrepresentative swill can end up in Canberra making decisions about my personal life, .....