Friday, 28 October 2016

Finally got David a new computer

We decided to wait until I got the next lot of Super money so he could put a bit more in than just the replacement cost of the Dell one that carked it. He really needs one for uni and my sanity. He also uses the PC a lot and has been using mine in the interim. Pretty much he had mine for half the day before I could get near the thing.

We got an HP one, same brand as mine but of course much more advanced. Has a quad core whereas mine has only a duel core. I've never had much problems at all with this one. Is about 3 years old now and I've used it so much some of the letters on the keyboard have worn off. Must be when I go into angry rave mode about the maniac christians in Canberra :)

So David's new one was $500, and of course the salesman tried to sell him more stuff with it. It was ridiculous the way he did it. Was just so obvious I was almost checking it off a list in my head.

First he said David needed Microsoft Office because Word, I replied I have Word at home and can install it if needed. Then it was the anti-virus needed, which I said I have Norton and just need to enable it on that device. Then he wanted to sell him a $30 computer cover, which David said he's already got a computer bag thing. Then it was the extended warranty for a "special price" of $75, which we both agreed was a complete fuck around this time, and anyway this wasn't a Dell on the verge of death from the day bought. Then it was a mouse, yes David has a mouse. In total five extra things all not needed.

Of course it's been my job today to get the thing up and running. Just simple things like installing a browser that's simple and easy to use, unlike that monstrosity internet explorer thingo that comes with Windows 10. The antivirus, and of course BitTorrent!