Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Nth Carolina's anti-gay law in practice - Daily Show video, US :)

North Carolina anti-gay laws in action
Watch as the Daily Show uses the Nth Carolina anti gay law, totally legally, to discriminate against anyone they feel is gay. I imagine because of their sincerely held religious beliefs, which they also make a point of during the skit. All they're doing is serving fast food and then they say they can't to certain people; see how said people react.

There's one point which he says something like "I can serve you but not him", which was along the same lines as what happened with me and David the other month in the case which is now before the anti-discrimination board here in Sydney. The bouncer guy, who said to David he could come in but he wasn't "letting that fag in" about me. The difference is that here it's illegal, there it's not.