Thursday, 13 October 2016

NSW parliament passes motion calling Trump "revolting slug" - video

How much more official can it get. The motion was introduced by the Greens and passed unanimously. There was some confusion whether "revolting slug" was un-parliamentary language but in the end as it wasn't referring to another member of parliament it was allowed.

So it's official and on record in NSW that Trump is a revolting slug. This may be the first time he's been called that officially:
As allegations of his sexually improper behaviour pour forth, the NSW upper house has passed a motion condemning Donald Trump and endorsing a description of the Republican nominee as a "revolting slug".

Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham's motion condemning Mr Trump was passed without objection or a formal vote on Thursday morning.

"[This house] agrees with those who have described Mr Trump as 'a revolting slug' unfit for public office," the motion read.

In a reference to Mr Trump's recently revealed remarks about grabbing women, Mr Buckingham said that all "reasonable and decent people find Donald Trump's behaviour obnoxious".

President of the Legislative Council Don Harwin​ allowed the motion only after looking into whether the term "revolting slug" amounted to unparliamentary language. Sydney Morning Herald

The Greens also want the federal senate to pass a motion condemning Trump in similar sort of language, going even further calling Trump a "sexual predator": 
Greens Leader Senator Richard Di Natale said, "Donald trump has once again shown himself to be a sexist and racist pig who is completely unfit for office. 

“The standard we walk past is the standard we accept so Australian political leaders need to call out these disgraceful comments. This is why the Greens are introducing a motion into the Senate today that condemns the hateful, misogynistic comments that Mr Trump has made throughout his campaign. 

“Hateful comments against women and people from different backgrounds have no place in modern society and these are the moments in which we must take a stand. I hope all Senators will meet this challenge and I call on every member of the Senate give a clear commitment that they will support this motion and not make racist, sexist comments in this chamber and outside it,” concluded Senator Di Natale. 

Deputy Leader and Greens Spokesperson for Women, Senator Waters labelled Mr Trump a ‘sexual predator’ and added, “This is criminal sexual assault that this man is promulgating against just about any woman that walks past him. 

“Sexual assault should never be bragged about or dismissed as banter,” concluded Senator Waters. The Greens