Sunday, 23 October 2016

Paralysed man told to prove he can't work By Centrelink

Whilst a committee has been set up to investigate these ongoing ridiculous reviews of people on the Disability Support Pension who are obviously well and truly unable to work, and whilst the Turnbull gov is denying there's even a problem, a man who is almost completely disabled in a wheelchair had his pension cut off because Centrelink didn't have up to date proof of his condition. It was reinstated only after getting paperwork from his doctor.
According to his GP, Josh's life expectancy is less than five years. 

Yet, last month Centrelink suspended his disability support pension [DSP] after Josh's parents missed a deadline for a medical review proving he was still unable to work.


This week, the joint parliamentary committee of public accounts and audit launched a public inquiry into the effective monitoring and reporting of the disability support pension as part of its probe into risk management, and whether public money was used in an efficient, effective, economical and ethical manner. 

Federal MP for Bruce, Julian Hill who raised the issue in Federal Parliament this week, is also the deputy chair of the committee. He said the government must change their approach to ensure Centrelink wasn't persecuting the severely disabled with "wasteful, badly targeted reviews". 

"So far the government has simply denied there is even a problem and refuses to act despite a growing number of horrific cases," Mr Hill said. The Age  
These reviews are supposed to be only for people who are borderline DSP eligible. How in the hell did Centrelink decide that this man was one of them?