Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Gov MP's close ties to radical christian church in Uganda - "Kill the gays"

Gov MP Stuart Robert has close ties with christian extremism

More love from the christians..... Could it honestly get any more out there from this gov?

Gov Lieberal MP Stuart Robert, who has been virulently opposed to anything gay as a member of parliament, it has been found that he's got very close links to a Uganda Pentecostal church that supported the "kill the gays" legislation when it came into their parliament some time back. Robert was a founding director of the Watoto church in Australia; and extension of the Watoto church in Uganda which Robert has traveled to a number of times, sometimes at taxpayer expense.

The pastor of the Uganda Watoto church, Gary Skinner, has been described as extremely anti-gay to put it mildly, and has hosted such extremists as notorious US man Scott Lively who considers gays to be Nazi's hell bent on taking over the world. No, I'm not making this up...
Gary Skinner of Watoto church Uganda

What's more, Hillsong church in Sydney is a big supporter of the Watoto Uganda church, and has even hosted Gary Skinner here in Sydney to speak. Hillsong is of course the Treasurer's church he attends in Sydney, Scott Morrison.

Where the hell did these absolute lunar-tics of the right come from in Australia? They're absolutely not at all representative of mainstream Australian values, yet they hold office in federal gov.
"The church has supported anti-gay Christians like Stephen Langa, one of the key supporters of the anti-gay laws," Dr Mugisha, a winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award for his advocacy, told Fairfax Media. "Skinner was also one of the people who invited Lou Engle to Africa." 

Mr Langa is a Watoto Church elder who has been one of the driving forces behind the anti-gay legislation, publicly and behind the scenes. 

He has referred to the LGBTI community as the "kingdom of Satan", believes there is a homosexual plot to take over the world and has close ties to a range of virulently anti-gay American preachers. 

He was the chief organiser of a now notorious March 2009 conference that gave a platform to three American evangelical preachers who claimed wealthy Westerners were trying to bribe Ugandan children into becoming gay. 

Dr Mugisha and others say this conference was a watershed moment that whipped up anti-gay hysteria. Just one month later Ugandan MP David Bahati introduced the Anti-Homosexuality Bill to rid the country of "homos". 

One of the speakers at the conference was Scott Lively, who reportedly also sermonised at Watoto. He is the author of Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, which seeks to blame gays for the Holocaust.


A spokesman for Mr Robert said he was a director of Watoto Australia for almost a decade on an "unpaid and voluntary basis". He said Mr Robert has visited Africa more than a dozen times to work in refugee camps and AIDS treatment centres, on orphan programs and with micro-economic training companies. 

"He and his family have personally funded and built a number of homes for orphaned children and spent over a decade working for the betterment of orphaned children," the spokesman said. 

"Gary Skinner's views are a matter for him." 

The spokesman later said Mr Robert was not aware of Mr Skinner's views and did not support them. 

Mr Robert is strongly against same-sex marriage, and has used Parliamentary speeches to rail against "gay IVF" and proclaim that "homosexual relationships are far more unstable than heterosexual ones". 

"Nothing should be done by any Parliament to make it likely that more children will be raised by same-sex couples," he said in 2008. 

In media interviews, he has described Watoto as a "truly special place" and "a thing of beauty". 

Mr Skinner, who grew up in a white missionary family in Zimbabwe, is a regular visitor to Australia. He has been a guest preacher at the pentecostal Hillsong Church in Sydney. 

Hillsong supports Watoto financially, donating $720,000 to Mr Skinner during a 2007 visit. Sydney Morning Herald