Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Entsch joins the Lieberal conga line of dummy spitters - plebiscite

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There's things in the press release above that show Entsch in some ways is as ignorant about marriage equality as the rest of the Lieberals are, even though he supports marriage equality. 

He talks of "open slather in a political debate". Seriously? WTF has it been so far then, a walk in the park? The political commentary coming from the no side in Canberra has been nothing less than open slather. Most recently we've had Barnyard saying the LGBT haven't been offended, along with Abetz promoting gays to "come out" as straight and to be celebrated. We've had Bernadi and Christensen telling us how terrible we are with some kind of Marxist agenda to take over the world. We've had the ACL, supported by members of the gov, call us Nazi's. With a right wing cartoonist depicting us as so. Does it get any more open slather than that?

Then he uses the excuse the party took it to the election. The party also took Abbotts no cuts to the last election and spectacularly broke the promise only months later. Most recently there was the back packer tax back flip. It beggars belief that the gov is using "keeping a promise" as the reason for a plebiscite. The assertion of the party on this is to treat us all like fools.

Then most ignorantly of all, he assumes that the issue will go away and people will focus on something else. Is he for fucking real? We're never going away and it will remain a white hot issue for us until it's resolved. The fact that the Lieberals find themselves now under such political pressure from the LGBT isn't going to change. The longer they refuse a free vote, the more frustrated and angry about 70% of the poplulation will become, including famous people like Kylie Monogue who has vowed with her fiance not to marry until marriage equality happens in Australia.

The answer is simple. A free vote and it's done. To not take part in that is to expose the Lieberal party for a bunch of homophobic bigots who will stand against us to the bitter end. As not part of mainstream Australia, and not deserving of public office.