Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Telstra deactivated my mobile phone number of 10yrs - utter rage FFS!

OMFG! Completely, utterly outraged at Telstra! My mobile number of 10 years (where I've built up quite a wide variety of doctors, specialists, hospitals, family and friends over time) was deactivated by Telstra 9 days ago when it deactivated my SIM card without warning. 

Where there was no notice given by email, text, or even maybe a quick call FFS to let me know they were about to fuck up my phone royally like this. Now the number can't be reactivated again unless I go on a plan, which is impossible for me being bankrupt.

So, yesterday after talking to somebody at their call centre in fuck knows where, I had been told all I needed to do was get a SIM card and do a SIM swap for my number to the new card. However what the rocket scientist at the call centre didn't appear to realise was doing that was impossible if the number was deactivated. 

As Telstra had done with my number without bloody warning!

I go into the nearest Telstra shop today and was seen at the counter (the counter said "We're here to help") by a person who didn't have the faintest idea, and kept asking the other Telstra employees next to her what she was supposed to do whilst looking at the PC screen. Eventually the announcement came from all of them that I couldn't have the same number I've had for 10 years because the number had been deactivated.

I proceeded to say how outrageous this was, and that I'd had this number for so long, how could they do all of this without even giving me any warning? That if they'd told me they were about to do all this then I'd have put $10 on the thing just to keep it going.

Long story short I now have a new phone number which nobody knows.