Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We already reached the free prescriptions list

Far out. This is the earliest I've ever ended up on that. The PBS safety net for pensioners is 60 prescriptions a year per family/couple/person. 

Last year David and I (being registered with Centrelink as a couple to be paid accordingly) reached it at about the end of November, but have had a few more things to take this year. Kept count on some paper and was surprised at how fast it was all building up.

It doesn't even include the HIV meds as they're free anyway thanks to the NSW gov.

So hooray, now we have two and a half months before the end of the year where every prescription we get is free. Whew, what a relief. Even though it was only $6.20 for each one, some fortnights we'd spend $40 or so just on prescriptions.

Plus, no more waiting for a few days because we haven't got the money to get them filled, we can get them anytime. The other week David was low on asthma spray and had terrible coughing, but we just didn't have the $6.20 to get the script filled and had to wait three days when more money came in. 

Thanks Medicare :)

They all know us at the local chemist we go to now. I think we're the token gay couple or something.