Tuesday, 11 October 2016

40-50% off new fridges/TV's for pensioners - NSW

This is through a link via Alex Greenwich's online newsletter he sends out. If you're a pensioner or health care card holder in NSW and want to replace an old fridge or TV you can get huge discounts through this program. Here.

40% off for a new fridge, and 50% off for a new TV. You just have to have a fridge more than six years old, or a plasma or tube telly, to be eligible. 

Comes at a very good time for us as I'm just about to apply for super under financial hardship again, and the old fridge is on it's last legs. Is 26 years old, fuck knows how much power it's chewing through. Handles all broken off, no light inside, the metal's even rusting on the doors and top of it. 

Apply here.