Sunday, 16 October 2016

Marriage equality could cost Turnbull his job (video)

Labor preparing for the jugular
It never has been and never will be the responsibility of the LGBT community to save the PM's job. The fact that his plebiscite deal was made with the Lieberal lunar right in exchange for them to gain their support is not our problem. The simple reality is that Turnbull and his clutch on power is now the only thing standing in the way of David and I getting married. The feeling throughout the LGBT community is the same.  

Now Labor, seeing the political opportunity in all of this whilst supporting the LGBT position, is preparing to apply the blowtorch to the Turnbull gov over it and push Turnbull over the edge if need be, even if it means he loses the prime minister-ship.

Such is the absurd nature of the current Lieberals in Canberra. So scared of a few gays getting married they've gotten themselves into this dreadful pickle. That's their fault, not ours. It's the responsibility of a gov to serve the people and protect minorities, not selfishly use us as a political tool to retain power.
Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek says the opposition could push Malcolm Turnbull to breaking point over action on same-sex marriage, even if it costs him the prime ministership.

With the government's planned legislation for a plebiscite on the issue set to be killed off in the Senate, Ms Plibersek said gay and lesbian families and advocates had told Labor they were prepared to wait in order to avoid a divisive public debate on the issue.

Ms Plibersek said Labor accepted the full moral and political consequences of the delay and called on Coalition MPs to back Mr Turnbull's own previous position of support for a free vote in Parliament on gay marriage.

The comments come as conservative backbenchers say they will abandon Mr Turnbull if he moves to allow a free vote, an apparent breach of the secret Liberal-Nationals Coalition agreement.

"It's not our job to save his job," Ms Plibersek told Sky News. Sydney Morning Herald  

Meanwhile, Lieberal panic is starting to set in. Here Sinodinos pleads with Labor to support the plebiscite, laughably saying "Let us keep our promises". 

Since when have they ever worried about that before? Now they've suddenly gone all moral promise keepers? Have they had a road to Damascus experience? *pffft*  They simply see the internal war that they'll inflict upon themselves if Turnbull goes back on his deal with the Lunar right to become PM.

My heart bleeds....whaaaaa.....   Are we now supposed to feel sorry for the poor precious Lieberals now, trapped by their own politics, after they've politicised everything about marriage equality every step of the way? Ha ha ha ha..... a delicious turn of events.