Monday, 24 October 2016

Telstra deactivated my phone SIM card without telling me - FFS!

It's been 6 months since I had any credit on my phone, and unknown to me after 6 months with no credit Telstra deactivates the SIM card. I guess that may be fair enough, but they didn't give me any warning at all, or even a text saying what was going on with the phone.

So it wasn't until David tried ringing me yesterday and it just said the phone wasn't connected. WTF? So I'm pulling out the battery and cleaning the SIM card and all to try and find the problem, to no avail. In the end I rang Telstra earlier today and it was then I finally found out the card was deactivated.

They could've given me a week or so's warning. Just out of the blue with no explanation, they make the phone useless.

So now I have to get some new SIM card as the other one in the phone is buggered. Then I have to ring them and do a SIM swap to keep my number. *sheesh*