Monday, 17 October 2016

"America's Hate Preachers" - a documentary from the BBC (video)

A wide open look at the extremist christian hate preachers in the US, much of it about pastor Steven Anderson who recently said about Orlando that "there are 50 less paedophiles in the world". Recently he was banned from South Africa where he was going to stir up anti-LGBT hysterical hatred against them. He's also banned from entering England as far as I know.

His preaching about gays is hate speech, pure and simple. Because of the so called freedom of speech over there he can get away with it. If he even managed to enter Australia and preach the same here he'd find himself in court under anti-discrimination laws.

Interesting too how these hate preachers utterly thrive on pissing people off. The more they piss the apparent "sinners" off and the more angry their reactions become, the more persecuted they feel for their religious beliefs. 

And we all know how much those christians just loooooooooove persecution. They use it as a tool to go and wail at the modern world for persecuting them, and to harden the congregation's resolve to continue with "the truth" even more so.

Hating these people is just pointless, or acting in a vile way as they do to us is just pointless. I'm not changing who I am and the way I behave to people just because I come across people suffering from some sort of extreme religious induced mental illness. Honestly, they should be on medication.

I feel very badly for the brainwashed kids being bought up in such a demented hateful environment as they are, believing in fairy tales and the invisible sky man will be the answer to every problem they ever face in the modern world. To me it's child abuse.

The doco is even more interesting as the researcher gives an outside view of the hate preachers, being English from the BBC.