Friday, 30 September 2016

Political candidate lectures friend of suicided gay teen about homosexuality - US

Conservative political candidate Jason Christensen, Utah US
More love from the christians..... Is it something about the name "Christensen"?

So imagine a 19 year old friend has killed himself, as is prevalent in the world of the LGBT. You put up something on social media in memorium for the teen death. Then somebody starts preaching at you about the sin of homosexuality and murder (suicide). Only he's not just some nutcase in cyberland, he's a conservative political candidate running for office. 

Well it happened in the US state Utah. The candidate Jason Christensen who thought it would be a marvelously christian idea to write that he hoped god would forgive the teen for being gay and suiciding.

This is just typical of the so called "respectful" discussion presently being experienced in Australia thanks to Turnbull and his stupid plebiscite idea. They say something outrageous and completely offensive to LGBT sensibilities, and then if you react in anger or even say something back they accuse you of intolerance and hate.

The blurred name below is the woman friend of the family of the suicided teen: 

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