Thursday, 22 September 2016

Bill Leak gay Nazi cartoon has gone international


Yep, and this even isn't in a plebiscite campaign. Just some of the very "respectful" comments going around here from the far right loony's. 

Calling the LGBT Nazi's, stinks of the so lame argument from the right wingnuts who are outraged by this new christian persecution us Nazi gays are apparently putting on them :s  You know, those white middle aged catholic Canberra warriors of the right way to live, aghast at people different than them who think differently. The humanity!

It also stinks of the Australian Christian Lobby, of which Lyle Shelton called gays Nazis.

So anyway, the cartoon is so offensive that it's gone international, with the well watched and visited US site Towleroad. reporting on the story.

Albeit it's posted in a round up post, people overseas are seeing this.