Saturday, 24 September 2016

UN head criticises "weak" religious discrimination against LGBT

Departing United Nations head Ban Ki-moon, has given an extraordinarily direct swipe at discrimination based on religion and culture. He asks those who do so if their religion is so weak that you have to deny people their human rights to preserve it?

I couldn't have put it better myself :)
“Every year, hundreds are killed, thousands are badly hurt, and millions live their lives under a shadow of discrimination and disapproval. That is an outrage. 

“Many Governments refuse to acknowledge human rights abuses against LGBT people – or accept responsibility for ending them. 

“Several countries are bucking the tide of history with draconian new punishments for being gay – or even just talking about being gay. 

“I especially worry for children and youth who are bullied at school, thrown out of their homes or living on the streets. 

“These abuses will only end when countries take concrete steps to protect people: new laws, policies and programmes. This takes leadership and a commitment to work with affected communities.” 

He added: “I ask those who use religious or cultural arguments to deprive LGBT people of their human rights: what do you gain by making others less equal? 

“Is your religion or culture so weak that the only way you can sustain it is by denying others their basic rights? Pink News