Tuesday, 20 September 2016

100 people per month dead after Centrelink says they're fit for work - Australia

The other figure I've heard is that about only 25% of new Centrelink applicants are successful in receiving the Disability Support Pension. I wonder how the politicians would go having to jump through Centrelink hoops as we do before we get a cent?

BTW I applied after the new rules came in and was successful, if you could call it that :s

This is the result of the continual "tightening up" of the DSP to where only a very few people actually get the support they need.

Don't worry though, Turnbull wants to give $50billion to corporations and that will fix everything eh? Welcome to the Abbott/Turnbull Australia....
The horrific death toll is revealed by Figures released by the Department of human services. Around 100 people per month have been dying, shortly after being ruled well enough to take a job. 

There are many thousands more who have been forced into a situation that is having some form of detrimental effect on their health. This is a scandal too. 

Some critics are demanding an inquiry. The controversial assessment process is being blamed. It is based on a table that lists a number of possible disabilities that might show a degree of incapacity to work. This is further refined through a number of sub-categories that carry with them a given weight in points. Then the person involved has to reach a minimum of 20 points to be considered for disability support. 

On face value it may seem to some that this is a fair enough approach. It is not. In the first place, it is far too restrictive. At the bottom, it is heavily weighted towards visible physical disability. Many disabilities are not readily visible. Even those that are, generally have aspects that are not visible. Many do not fall neatly into the categories and sub-categories. Thus people not fit for work are assessed as fit for work. The Pen