Monday, 19 September 2016

Footy fossil rants homophobia at gay footy reporter - anachronism files

Sydney convicts - players with balls

It's time for a glitter bomb attack darlings :)

Who the fuck Eddie Hayson is I don't know or care. I've never heard of him until today. Apparently he's a famous footy figure? Well if he is then he's in the wrong time.

He got upset about what a gay journalist wrote about him and attacked him by text message thus:

I think the 1950's would suit Eddie just fine. The days are gone when footy in Australia is exclusive to straight people. For example like, the Sydney Convicts would run circles around Eddie. Gays and footy don't mix Eddie? Where the fuck have you been asshole?

And excuse me, but WTF we've had to put up with the likes of your homophobic hate, I'd reckon the girliest gay has far more balls than you do Eddie. We have the courage to live our lives authentically, which with your hate against us is I suspect much more courage than you will ever have.  

*tosses Molotov glitter bomb* 
         So who are these players who don't want me near their dressing-room, Eddie? Or have you just made this one up? 

For starters, reporters haven't really been allowed inside the dressing-room for years. We wait outside alongside family, friends and sponsors, and media managers bring players out for us to interview. To suggest that a gay reporter would leer at players while doing his job isn't just laughable but also highlights your bigotry. 

I have a great relationship with most players. The NRL and several clubs — the Bulldogs in particular — have been superb about sending a message out against homophobia. Paul Langmack's efforts in organising the NRL float at Mardi Gras earlier this year while he fought throat cancer was one of the bravest things I've seen. 

But while we're being honest, Eddie, I'll tell you what a few former players told me about you last week following your media conference. 

Said one: "Thank f..k I have nothing to do with him any longer. Wherever Eddie is, trouble follows." Said another: "He is just a leech. He just hangs around, wanting information. I don't want anything to do with him again." 

Rugby league and homosexuality don't mix? I'd love to see you tell Ian Roberts that. Sydney Morning Herald  

Eddie the anachronism