Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The ACCC is taking submissions about our fucked up internet! - Hooray!

Oh man did I ever have a field day with this!

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is now at this very time taking submissions from anybody about our fucked up Lieberal internet. It's taken me a while but I think I actually succeeded in relieving myself of just a little bit of the internet rage that has slowly been increasing over the last year or so. 

Question one was a doozy folks, so I posted it below:

You can make your angry raving pissed off as fuck submission here.

Go ahead darlings! It's extremely therapeutic :) 
I'm a pensioner on the DSP and am a heavy internet user. The PC is the hub of my life as it enables me to engage in the world despite being extremely short on money paying private Sydney rent. I run a blog that's been going for years now about my life, which I use to let of steam helping me immensely in my mental health issues.

Lately, although I live in eastern Sydney (Kingsford) and have unlimited ADSL2+, at times the internet simply gets overloaded somehow (I've read it's with streaming media) and I can't connect to my own blog to post. Extremely frustrating to say the least. The internet speed itself doesn't seem too bad for what it is, often at 15Mbps, so it must be to do with the bandwidth.

Another example was the last two days trying to purchase online from Just Jeans. I get the same thing from them every time, have the size I need and all, so there's no point in me actually attending a store. After receiving money from super under financial hardship, I wanted to buy some pants without holes in them. Quickly finding what I wanted online over the weekend, I got together the money in my account yesterday (Mon) and was ready to go.

The site wouldn't connect. Despite clicking every kind of link I could find through Google, and even looking up the local store and clicking their link, it still wouldn't connect. All day and late in the evening. I tried again today and still no luck, however upon seeing an email I'd sent to myself of what I wanted to buy it connected finally through that. Eventually with some hickups I was able to complete the transaction.

This shows that the Australian internet is almost becoming unusable at time, even in Eastern Sydney. How can a business do business when it's site doesn't work? It's not only that, there's various aspects of the net that go unconnectable in the evenings. YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, even Google itself I couldn't connect for a simple search once. Even in normal times midday or so, US CBS or US local videos take so long to load, or stop and start so much, that they're simply unwatchable.

My partner David is getting started back at Uni to further himself, and he relies completely on the internet for that. Any connectability issues will affect him even more directly than me.