Friday, 23 September 2016

Lieberals behind anti-gay flyers linking Safe Schools & gay marriage

Put out by "Children's Future", an organisation set up by 3 Lieberals

Members of the Lieberal party who are also part of the Lunar right of the party, have been discovered to be the ones behind anti-gay leaflets. The leaflets lied by linking marriage equality to Safe Schools, saying that if marriage equality happened then all children would be forced to attend the Safe Schools program, with it being compulsory.

So much for respectful and civil debate.
Children's Future was registered on July 29 this year at the address of Benbow and Pike chartered accountants. One of the partners of Benbow and Pike is Gerard Abrams, a member of the Abrams family that is active in the Liberal Party's hard right in the Hills. 

The second Children's Future director is Robert Williams, 31, a member of the Cheltenham branch who was a preselector in Berowra in the recent process that saw Julian Leeser replace the outgoing veteran Philip Ruddock in that seat. 

He said he would not comment. 

The third director is a Paul Woodbury who is understood to be related to Matthew Woodbury, a furniture retailer and influential member of the Catholic right. A senior Liberal described the group as "too far right for the right". Sydney Morning Herald


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