Saturday, 17 September 2016

Plebiscite dead in the water - Turnbull hints at compromise

Rainbow families on parliament lawn
Alex Greenwich presents petition against plebiscite
As far as I'm concerned there is no compromise on a plebiscite, but at least Turnbull is finally getting it through his thick stubborn head that nobody wants it apart from the lunar right of his party. This week was significant for the anti-plebiscite team, with Labor joining the Greens in blocking the enabling legislation in the senate. 

With therefor the plebiscite dead in the water, Turnbull is actually entertaining the thought of compromise. Fuck, wonders never cease. *faints* Getting this lot into the 21st century is like pulling teeth!
"We may have to negotiate on all of these matters. The one thing that is very clear is that you cannot expect to get legislation through the senate on a take it or leave it basis unless people agree with the proposition," Mr Turnbull said. 

"I'm going to compromise, if I have to, with the members in the Senate," he added, refusing to foreshadow any specific changes. 

A spokeswoman for Mr Turnbull later clarified that there would be no changes to the plebiscite policy, its question or the public funding of the ''yes" and "no" campaigns. 

"What was proposed this week is the Prime Minister's position," she told Fairfax Media. 

The legislation appears doomed with Labor, the Greens and the Nick Xenophon Team set to vote it down and insisting the Prime Minister enable a free vote among his MPs. 

The government has consistently said the policy, established under former prime minister Tony Abbott and adopted by Mr Turnbull, is the only way same-sex marriage will become reality but some have declined to say what will happen should the legislation be defeated. Sydney Morning Herald
Like I said, as far as I think the only way forward is to abandon the whole plebiscite for a free vote. After all, there'll be a free vote after the plebiscite with some Lieberals saying they'll still vote no, so why not a free vote now? 

And WTF is this insistence that a plebiscite is the only way, when all they need to do is their job? Because Tony Abbott said so? Because the lunar right wants to complicate and delay?

GetUp has a site set up here where you can email your Lieberal senators and tells them why you're against a plebiscite