Friday, 2 September 2016

Gov losses 3 votes in a row for 1st time in 54yrs - ministers left early

Dopey Dutton, one of three front bench ministers who left parliament early
The Turnbull gov is finding out the hard way just how hard it is to run a gov with a razor thin majority of one. You need everyone there in case a vote is needed.

Unbelievably, three front bench ministers left parliament early. Even more unbelievably, they considered this a normal type thing to do. 

It's certainly not normal in the real world. Try leaving early when you're on a factory floor and see how far you get. 

Now the gov is accusing Labor of dirty tricks. Oh the humanity of having to stay the whole time required! 

How embarrassing. This lot couldn't organise a chook raffle. 
Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has let rip on three senior ministers who left parliament before debate ended on Thursday afternoon, which saw the government lose three votes in row in the lower house for first time in 54 years. 

The last time it happened was when Sir Robert Menzies had a one-seat majority in 1962. 

Bill Shorten's Opposition ambushed the government just as parliament was about to adjourn after the first sitting week of the new government, seizing control as it attempted to pass a motion for a royal commission into the banking industry. 

It was an embarrassing tactical blunder for the new Turnbull government just three days into the new parliamentary term, calling into question the PM's claim that he has a "stable" majority. 

This morning on Melbourne's 3AW, Turnbull did not hold back in tearing shreds off the three senior ministers missing as the votes were taken, saying they were complacent and he'd read them the "riot act". 

Justice minister Michael Keenan had flown to Melbourne, immigration minister Peter Dutton was doing a radio interview and Western Australian social services minister Christian Porter had also gone, along with several backbenchers. ninemsn