Thursday, 22 September 2016

Why South Africa banned US hate pastor Steven Anderson :)

US hate pastor Steven Anderson

Update: He was deported from Botswana. 

An interesting view from South Africa of US hate pastor Steven Anderson. Leading up to South Africa banning him from entry (even to transfer at an airport) the article shows a different view of intolerance than Anderson would be used to in the US.

Most notably of late Anderson was one of the hate pastors at the time that were thankful gays were killed in Orlando, preaching that there were now “50 less paedophiles in this world”.
Johannesburg - The Department of Home Affairs on Monday said it would be attaching “serious conditions” to the homophobic United States pastor, Steven Anderson, when he visits South Africa later this month for a “Soul-Winning Mission”. 

This comes after the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) petitioned Home Affairs to ban Anderson from entering the country. 

Anderson, who is widely known for his anti-gay sentiments on social media, is scheduled to preach in Johannesburg on 18 September.


“As a democratic state, we will not fold our arms in the face of intolerance, hate speech, and human-right violations of any kind,” Gigaba said. 

“Therefore, we will not tolerate untoward behaviour, whether directed at the LGBTI community, or at any other national group on our soil. There are options to follow, and steps to be taken, in the event this situation arises.” IOL   
South Africa went on to ban Anderson from entering the country.